WHO: As the founder and creator of fashion blog The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni is catching everyone’s attention with her travels during which she spreads her sense of style. In other words, #theblondesaladneverstops. KNOWN FOR: Creating her own designer range which consists of T-shirts, shoes and bags with her trademark wink as well as for […] Read more

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Deborah Rudman

Delving into photographs and memories, Deborah Rudman uncovered an unexpected beauty secret I t was prompted by a browse through old photographs – the printed-atthe-pharmacy, hard-copy kind, stuck into a ring-bound album, with transparent sheets of protective film separating the pages and a cheesy sunset scene on the cover. (It did date back a bit.) […] Read more

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Robyn Farrell

COPE WITH A MOTORING MISHAP (HINT: MAKE NOTES!) HOW TO TAKE NOTE Write down all the info from the other people and vehicles involved as well as witnesses, street names, time of accident, visibility and road conditions. Information must include full names, ID numbers, home, cell and business phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses and […] Read more

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Nicole Newman

The internship – the infamous feature of the tough fashion industry – is all work and no pay. Nicole Newman asks if it’s worth it will never forget the day I received the phone call from Tarryn Oppel, then ELLE’s Fashion Editor, saying that I had been successful in my interview and they would love […] Read more

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Maybe Corpaci

It’s clogging my Pinterest and Twitter feeds, we see it promoted on major sport brands’ campaigns, and it’s embraced by gyms and fitness clubs around the world. Are you also familiar with the fitness mantra, ‘Strong is the new skinny’? I thought so. The hugely popular trend sends a clear message that health is to […] Read more

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Billie Zangewa

Artist Billie Zangewa (right) worked in the fashion and advertising world before focusing full-time on her art. Drawing on her knowledge of textiles and design, she incorporates these elements into her delicate tapestries. Her work has been shown in exhibitions across the continent and abroad. In 2004, she won the Most Stylish Person in South […] Read more



Three South African women you admire? Thuli Madonsela, our Public Protector. She manages to remain cool and professional in an environment that wills her to fall apart. Basetsana Kumalo. Working in media myself has made me appreciate the course her career has taken. There’s something to be said for having a vision and executing it. […] Read more