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Blake Lively New Photos

BLAKE LIVELY was the talk of Tinseltown a couple weeks ago, when she debuted her incredible postbaby bikini body while filming scenes for her shark thriller The Shallows in Australia. How did she pull it off? Lots of determination and a little help from Hollywood trainer Don Saladino. THE FOOD Breast-feeding her baby (a proven […] Read more

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Celebrity Hairstyles

Patrick Dempsey &Jillian Fink Nearly a year after calling it quits, the Grey’s Anatomy star and his estranged wife of 15 years were seen holding hands, riding bicycles and posing for pictures together in the romantic City of Light. âœJillian filed for divorce because she couldn’t take Patrick’s obsession with racing cars it was driving […] Read more



HOW TO LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR WITH HEIDI BARRETT, CO-CREATOR OF NO LIGHTS NO LYCRA Some of the best moments during any all-nighter are had on the dance floor. This can be intimidating to a novice but don’t feel pressure to be like Beyonce. If busting a move comes as naturally to you […] Read more



HOW TO CHOOSE WINE LIKE A SOMMELIER WITH KATHERINE COLE, AUTHOR OF HOW TO FAKE YOUR WAY THROUGH A WINE LIST Turns out the secret to sounding like you’re an expert is to fake confidence. A few insider tricks come in handy, too. âœWhen shopping for foreign wine, check the back label for the importer’s […] Read more

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David Adler

Ray Stevens glanced at the couple sitting beside him. OK if we take questions now?’ Maxine Adler nodded, but her face was ashen. She hadn’t once taken her hand away from her husband’s, whose own face was entirely devoid of emotion. Ray knew this was a reaction to stress, but it wouldn’t help speculation. Maxine […] Read more

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Stephen Tompkinson

Catch up with the cheeky supermarket sitcom starring Stephen Tompkinson, Jason Watkins and the manager of a rival new budget store, played by Sarah Parish. Bill Murray stars as himself, as he worries that nobody will turn out to his TV show because of a terrible snowstorm. He’s joined by a stellar cast, including George […] Read more

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Kirstie Allsopp

Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as the narrator, Luther actor Idris Elba, takes them on a breathtaking journey through Africa’s hidden gems to meet the continent’s wonderful, exotic creatures. Prepare to belly laugh as you relive all the best bits from Brendan O’Caroll’s much-loved nationwide tours from the past three years. […] Read more

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Kelly Evans

Kellie Evans’ sons both have life-limiting conditions, but now she celebrates what makes them special… How do you see your children’s future? You may hope they’ll grow up to be doctors or lawyers, and there was once a time when I had the same high hopes for mine. But two devastating diagnoses mean that for […] Read more