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Short prom dresses

THE PERKS OF A JOB IN THE STYLE WORLD: âœSeeing my illustrations published or having people acknowledge my work. Also, I love it when I get the opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers in the industry” WHAT PEOPLE TELL ME ABOUT MY JOB AND WHY THEY’RE WRONG: âœSome people think I can design real […] Read more

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Plus size prom dresses

HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT IN THE INDUSTRY: âœGet as much experience as you can (like working for a local brand, magazine, etc.). Find where your skills, passion, and local demand meet. And treat everyone you come across with kindness” Fashion Tricks a la Chi Good lighting is essential to taking perfect pictures. Masking tape […] Read more

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White prom dresses

HOW I GOT INTO FASHION: âœI’ve always wanted to create beautiful images, and was fascinated by fantasy-themed fashion photographs. I started doing it for fun at first, then it became a full time job.” THE PERKS OF A JOB IN THE STYLE WORLD: âœIt makes me happy when people tell me how my work inspires […] Read more

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Designer heels on sale

Where you should go shopping for Designer heels on sale Sew-Low Fabrics 473 Cambridge St, Cambridge;(617)661-8361 Lots to look at here. Sew-Low features many of the usual fabrics but also has lots of unique materials. Fake fur, as low as $9.99 a yard; velveteen; corduroy, recently on sale for $2.99 a yard; imported Italian tapestries, […] Read more

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Designer platform heels

Where you should go shopping for Designer platform heels Sew-Fisticated Discount Fabrics Twin City Plaza, 264 Msgr. O’Brien Hwy. Cambridge; (617)625-7996 735 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester;(617) 825-2949 The Fabric Showroom More designer material, at rock-bottom prices, than you can shake a yardstick at; unless, of course, you visit their closeout warehouse too. And other suburban locations […] Read more

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Red designer pumps

Where you should go shopping for Red designer pumps Fabric Place 136 Howard St, Framingham;(508) 872-4888 Wobum Mall, 300 Mishawum Rd. Wobum; (617) 938-8787 These vast stores, part of a New England chain, have a truly impressive selection of everything relating to sewing and home decor. Head to the rear of the store for their […] Read more

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Designer shoes for sale

Where you should go shopping for Designer shoes for sale Oona’s Experienced Clothing US 1210 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 491-2654 Perhaps the earthiest of Cambridge’s vintage clothing stores, Oona’s is funky without even trying. The Harvard Square shop winds from room to room, each filled with a different kind of clothing dresses, men’s suits, and […] Read more

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Louboutin heels sale

Where you should go shopping for Louboutin heels sale Keezer’s Harvard Community Exchange US 140 River St, Cambridge; (617)547-2455 Across the street from Great Eastern and Justin Tyme is one of the grand-daddies of the clothing resale biz, Keezer’s. They’ve made their name in men’s formal wear, but they sell everyday stuff too. Secondhand tuxes […] Read more