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Birthmarks or naevi

Birthmarks or naevi Most birthmarks consist of an abnormal collection of small blood vessels just below the skin. Most disappear in time but some remain and may increase in size. Stork bite’ marks are commonly seen on the eyelids, forehead, nose and especially at the back of the neck. They look like flat pink spots […] Read more

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Poisoning for child

Poisoning for child It is important to recognise the symptoms of poisoning as soon as possible so that treatment can be given without delay. Suspect poisoning if You find a container that is out of place. You smell a chemical odour on your child’s breath. There are burn marks around the mouth. The child develops […] Read more

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Nose for child

Nose for child Unexplained drainage of foul-smelling pus from one or both nostrils may indicate that a foreign object like a pea or bead has been pushed up the nose. See a doctor. Nosebleeds 1. Place the child in a sitting position leaning forward slightly, or let her lie down with her head raised. 2. […] Read more

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Bronchial asthma for child

Bronchial asthma for child The child with asthma experiences tightness in the chest and has difficulty breathing during an attack because the smooth muscle of the lungs goes into spasm and swells. Thick, sticky mucus is released which blocks the bronchial tubes. This causes wheezing and makes it difficult to breathe out, often resulting in […] Read more

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Aggression for child

Aggression for child Aggression is one of the most disconcerting manifestations of early childhood turmoil. Like anyone who is frustrated by their lack of power to get what they want through acceptable means such as talking about their needs, trading services, or even buying their way, children resort to the age-old standby, force and aggression. […] Read more