Baby Care

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Baby sitting

Baby sitting All parents need a chance to get out and enjoy themselves together without worrying about their children, but unless you have a live-in relative or nanny you will have to make arrangements for the children’s care. Some parents take their young baby with them in a carry cot and this can work if […] Read more

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Negativism for child

Negativism for child 7 As discussed earlier you may find yourself knee-deep in negativism from the middle of the second year with your child saying no’ to almost everything. It’s natural for her to object to having to do as she’s told all the time, especially when she’s trying so hard to develop a picture […] Read more

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Circumcision for child

Circumcision for child Circumcision is an operation to remove the prepuce (foreskin) of the penis. Jewish religious law requires that it be done in infancy and the custom has spread to other cultures. But the practice has now fallen out of favour as a routine procedure because many physicians feel that the risks outweigh the […] Read more



THE SHY CHILD A child may be shy and withdrawn in the presence of anyone she does not know well because she has not had much opportunity to mix with others or simply because of innate temperament. As with other fears there is nothing to be gained by pushing her into a stressful situation. Help […] Read more

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Scorpion stings for child

Scorpion stings for child Usually the thicker the scorpion’s tail, the more dangerous the sting. Scorpions with large nippers are less poisonous than others. The child may have difficulty breathing and become paralysed. Get the child to hospital immediately. Give artificial respiration if necessary. Apply crushed ice to the bite to delay absorption of the […] Read more