Baby Care

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Handling a seizure for child

Handling a seizure for child Once the attack has started it cannot be stopped so do not try to bring the child round’, hold her down, or unclasp her hands. Don’t give her anything to drink. The attack will take its course until finished and will stop spontaneously. Status epilepticus occurs when one seizure follows […] Read more

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Pre-primary schools (nursery schools) for child

Pre-primary schools (nursery schools) for child Nursery schools or pre-primary schools as they are now known are the most structured of the pre-schools. Pre-primary schools are usually organised and run by church groups or privately. Government sponsored and organised pre-primary schools are usually attached to primary schools and attendance is limited to the year before […] Read more

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Earache for child

Earache for child Earache is generally due to inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), but may be due to a boil in the outer ear, or referred from elsewhere as in mumps. Although common in childhood, earache may not always be recognised for what it is. The baby may wake suddenly, screaming, at night […] Read more



Nightmares. Occasionally a child who is facing too many stressful situations during the day may relive them in her sleep through her subconscious by having nightmares. She will probably wake crying bitterly, not the way she does if she is thirsty, hungry or cold, which usually starts off as a niggly cry and builds up. […] Read more



DISCIPLINE FOR CHILD 4 Of all the views parents hold about child care, the strongest usually concern discipline. Most of them go along with whatever their own parents did, but others swing the opposite way and reject everything their parents did and adopt completely different attitudes. Complicating matters are the couples who differ from each […] Read more

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Hyperactivity for child

Hyperactivity for child There are some children who seem to be genuinely and totally out of control. No matter what you do you cannot control them and in particular they do not seem to be able to control themselves. Children prefer it when they are in harmony with those around them . . . they […] Read more

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Playing with other children for child

Playing with other children for child 5 The child under two will play alongside another child, but there is unlikely to be any interaction between them, until the one grabs whatever the other is playing with! The victim’s response will either be a long silence followed by loud wailing or an attempt to grab it […] Read more

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Basic equipment for children from one year onwards

Basic equipment for children from one year onwards 11 Boxes of every description and size, small boxes to fit into bigger boxes, large boxes that become instant houses’, trucks’, ships’ or anything else the imagination can conjure up. Plastic yoghurt containers, cardboard rolls from toilet paper, tins without sharp edges, cotton reels . . . […] Read more

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Naughtiness for child

Naughtiness for child It is easy to label a child’s behaviour naughty’ but when it’s examined objectively you will usually find that naughtiness’ does not come into it at all. A child who is bored, frustrated, neglected, jealous, tired or hungry will often resort to naughty’ behaviour to draw attention to her problem. A one […] Read more

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Periods for Contraception

Periods for Contraception If you are not breast feeding your first period may return around 28 days after the birth and could be heavier than usual. If you are breast feeding you may have a period, but in most cases this does not happen until after you stop breast feeding. Remember you can become pregnant […] Read more