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Earache for child

Earache for child Earache is generally due to inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), but may be due to a boil in the outer ear, or referred from elsewhere as in mumps. Although common in childhood, earache may not always be recognised for what it is. The baby may wake suddenly, screaming, at night […] Read more



DISCIPLINE FOR CHILD 4 Of all the views parents hold about child care, the strongest usually concern discipline. Most of them go along with whatever their own parents did, but others swing the opposite way and reject everything their parents did and adopt completely different attitudes. Complicating matters are the couples who differ from each […] Read more

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Naughtiness for child

Naughtiness for child It is easy to label a child’s behaviour naughty’ but when it’s examined objectively you will usually find that naughtiness’ does not come into it at all. A child who is bored, frustrated, neglected, jealous, tired or hungry will often resort to naughty’ behaviour to draw attention to her problem. A one […] Read more