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Contraception Discuss contraception with your doctor at the six-week check-up after the birth and remember that you can become pregnant even if you are breast feeding. If you have been using the diaphragm it will have to be refitted. You will also need a new intrauterine device. Although there is only a slim chance of […] Read more

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Baby Weaning guide

Baby Weaning guide All babies have their own individual needs and preferences v&feich should be repected. What you need to remember is that milk is still your b^jj’s basic food in the first year, and what you are trying to do when weaning is’gradually to introduce your baby to a balanced mixed diet. Feeding problems […] Read more

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10 Best Baby Foods

10 Best Baby Foods Junket is easily digested and is made with rennet tablets or liquid which can be bought from your pharmacy or supermarket. Junket. Heat milk to lukewarm and add sugar and rennet according to the directions on the container. Place in a glass bowl. After an hour or two the milk becomes […] Read more