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Vasectomy for Contraception

Vasectomy for Contraception This safe and simple operation is performed on the male partner, does not affect sexual performance and is usually done under a local anaesthetic. The vas deferens, the duct along which sperm travel to the penis, is cut and tied. Although the operation should be considered irreversible, it is sometimes possible to […] Read more

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Piles for Contraception

Piles for Contraception If you have developed piles (haemorrhoids) during pregnancy they should improve quickly after the birth. Lie on your back with your feet raised a little, cross your legs at the ankles and holding a tissue coated with petroleum jelly against the piles, draw in the muscles round the anus and vagina. Repeat […] Read more

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Condom for Contraception

Condom for Contraception This is a rubber sheath which is used by the male partner and is effective when used correctly. It prevents the spread of infection but sensation is reduced and one or both partners may find it a little off-putting because it needs to be applied during love-making.

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Foam and jelly for Contraception

Foam and jelly for Contraception These chemical spermicides are introduced into the vagina before intercourse and kill the sperm before they penetrate up the cervical canal. Used on their own, spermicides have a high failure rate (between 14 and 24 per cent), but when used with a condom or diaphragm’they provide effective protection.