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Periods (Painful)

Caused by uterine spasm during menstruation, the frequency and severity of period pains are often also associated with diet and underlying emotional factors. The soothing effect of lavender, combined with its excellent analgesic and antispasmodic properties, makes it an excellent remedy for period pains. Gently massage the abdomen and lower back with 6 drops of […] Read more


Feelings of nausea can arise from a variety of different causes including motion or travel sickness, a viral infection, digestive problems, pregnancy or emotional anxiety or tension. Lavender is indicated specifically for sickness due to ‘nerves’ or an emotional upset, especially if the upset is accompanied by digestive symptoms. Inhale lavender directly from a tissue, […] Read more

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High Blood-pressure (Hypertension)

Many people suffer from high blood-pressure these days, for it is a common side-effect of the fast pace of 20th-century life. Stress, poor diet, too much alcohol and arteriosclerosis (the thickening and hardening of the arterial walls) can all contribute to this condition, which in the long term may lead to a serious kidney disease […] Read more

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Using essential oils during pregnancy and to help with childbirth can be very beneficial in a variety of ways, because they operate on both a physiological and a psychological level. Lavender is the most useful oil during pregnancy, not only because it is very safe but also because of its predominantly calming/healing/balancing character. Relaxation and […] Read more



The term ‘rheumatism’ is used medically to describe a whole range of disorders which involve pain in the muscles or joints, including the various forms of arthritis and gout. Generally speaking, however, rheumatism refers specifically to muscular pain, whereas arthritis and gout are associated with pain located within the joints themselves. Lavender can help to […] Read more



‘Stress’ is not an illness as such but a ‘multi-dimensional syndrome’ which can cause a wide range of physical ailments and psychological problems ranging from high blood-pressure, headaches or digestive complaints to feelings of constant tiredness, depression or nervous anxiety. Stress also weakens the immune system and, in the long term, makes an individual more […] Read more



Leucorrhoea is an inflammation of the vagina caused by a proliferation of unwanted bacteria or fungi, which can have a variety of causes. Symptoms ofen include a thick white or yellow discharge and severe itching of the vaginal area. Pruritis or itching is an irritating condition which generally accompanies any type of mild vaginal infection. […] Read more

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Splinters, Infected

After removing a splinter, always apply a drop of lavender oil to prevent infection. Splinters can be dangerous if they do become infected – often because a small portion of the splinter remains embedded in the skin. If the splinter is infected, sore and with pus: clean the area gently, apply pure lavender oil, then […] Read more