Several factors make for the development of this skin disorder including genetics, bacterial growth on a person’s skin, emotional stress, some cosmetics, changes in climate or environmental circumstances, and hair diet. Acne begins in the hair follicle and its accompanying sebaceous glands. Normally, the pores of the skin secrete their oils from the hair follicle […] Read more

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Lip and Mouth Tooth Care

Like the eyes, the tissues of the lips and mouth are especially sensitive to environmental influences. And as with the eyes, the appearance of the lips and mouth can be good indi cators of an individual’s overall health. We all know how annoying and uncomfortable chapped lips can be, and how self-conscious a cold Sore […] Read more



Bruises are a sign that blood vessels under the skin have broken. To repair these blood vessels and speed the healing of the skin, protein, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, calcium, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B12, and other B vitamins are all necessary7. If the hair diet provides these vitamins and minerals and […] Read more