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10 Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas

Fabric ties Flat fabric ties make a wonderful alternative to other fastenings and are useful for bed-linen and cushions. Rouleau strips — tubes made from bias strips — can be mounted as loops and used as an alternative to buttonholes. Flat ties Cut a piece of fabric to the desired length and twice the width, […] Read more


10 Ensuite Bathroom Design Ideas

Fastening tapes Press stud tape This is a length of tape which has press studs fixed at set intervals along the tape. It is available in several widths. To fix press studs, simply separate the two layers and sew the socket layer to the underneath of the fabric and the ball part to the top […] Read more


10 Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Trimming Piping Join bias strips until they are the same length as the required length of piping cord. Place the cord on the wrong side of the strip, fold the strip over, align the edges, and first tack and then machine stitch along, close to the cord, using a zipper foot attachment. Pin the piping […] Read more


10 Kid Friendly Living Room Design Ideas

A combination of cloths in different sizes, placed one over the other, is both attractive and practical. Choose fabrics in contrasting textures (white linen over grey wool suiting or tweed) or contrasting colours (shiny silks in deep orange and purple). On a round table a square cloth draped over a circular one provides more visual […] Read more

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10 Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Tablecloths Tablecloths can be used purely for decoration or they can have a practical role — protecting a polished top, for instance, or covering up a less-than-attractive surface. They are easy to make. For the simplest of cloths, take a square of fabric — perhaps with country-style checks or deck-chair stripes — and simply machine […] Read more


10 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Glue, a staple gun, a metal square (for ensuring that the corners are true right angles), long woodworking clamps, and three hinges between each panel plus the fixing screws. For each panel, cut two lengths of timber to the height of the screen, and two short pieces which will fit between the long ones. Make […] Read more


10 Southern Home Decorating Ideas

Making a fabric-covered panel screen Panel screens are made in sections from wood. The panels, once finished, are hinged together, so that each section can be at an angle to the next, thus allowing the whole screen to stand unaided. Determine the height of the screen required and the width of each panel. As a […] Read more


10 Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Decorating a screen Each side of a screen is on show to different sections of a room, so they can be decorated to display a different design style. The frames are more than just supports and form an integral part of the overall design. Timber frames can be stained, painted or polished, shaped across the […] Read more


10 Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas

Screens Free-standing screens were once the interior item no discerning household was without, mainly because they acted as excellent draught excluders, protecting seating areas from the vastness of the room beyond. They have been much neglected of late, which is difficult to understand as they can be very decorative and act as clever room dividers. […] Read more

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10 Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Screen-style bed hangings A flatter, screen-like effect can be achieved by sewing a sleeve at the top and base of a piece of fabric – a strong canvas works well, for instance — and by stretching it between a tubular frame. A side and an end, with a bed positioned sideways on to the wall, […] Read more