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10 Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Tablecloths Tablecloths can be used purely for decoration or they can have a practical role — protecting a polished top, for instance, or covering up a less-than-attractive surface. They are easy to make. For the simplest of cloths, take a square of fabric — perhaps with country-style checks or deck-chair stripes — and simply machine […] Read more


10 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Glue, a staple gun, a metal square (for ensuring that the corners are true right angles), long woodworking clamps, and three hinges between each panel plus the fixing screws. For each panel, cut two lengths of timber to the height of the screen, and two short pieces which will fit between the long ones. Make […] Read more


10 Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas

Screens Free-standing screens were once the interior item no discerning household was without, mainly because they acted as excellent draught excluders, protecting seating areas from the vastness of the room beyond. They have been much neglected of late, which is difficult to understand as they can be very decorative and act as clever room dividers. […] Read more