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10 Home Office Study Design Ideas

Curtain-style bed hangings When hung as curtains, if the heading is show — usually where a tubular frame is til above a bed — simple headings such as eye] buttons, ties or tabs are most effective. Tabs made from bands of fabric pages 342-343) loop around the p support. Consider making these in a fa! […] Read more


10 Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

Bed hangings An all-white decorative scheme is often the most striking. Here the choice of bed drapery was influenced by the distressed plaster walls and wooden shutters; the pillows and bedspread, with their unusual leaf-shaped edging, and the swathes of white fabric suspended from a half-corona would not look out of place in a medieval […] Read more

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10 Design Ideas Bedroom

Nothing finishes off upholstery and soft fui nishings better than edging. Using eithc piping, fringing, tassels or cord – available a huge range of materials, colours and tex tures – creates a very professional touch an adds interest and style. Piping Piping is a means of adding decoration a definition to items such as a […] Read more


10 Home Library Design Ideas

Inserting a zip in a cushion’s back Cut out the front of the cover as for a basic square cushion cover ( 302—303). Cut another piece 3cm (lXin) wider than the first (to allow extra for the zip seam), then cut it in half widthways. With right sides facing, stitch the two back pieces together […] Read more

10 Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Fastenings and edgings for furnishings Zips Zips can be bought to an individual size or as one continuous strip of uncut teeth. The latter is used off the reel as required and individually bought zip heads are applied to it. Choose a zip colour that suits the item it is to be attached to. Zips […] Read more


10 Cheap Diy Home Decor Ideas

Press studs Straightforward to attach, press studs work well along the inside edge of a cushion or duvet cover opening. They can be bought as single fastenings or already attached to a fabric strip. A strip of press studs is ideal for the opening of a cushion or duvet cover. Attaching simple fastenings to a […] Read more


10 Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

Zippers The most practical of fastenings, a zip consists of two fabric tapes edged with metal teeth or a plastic coil. The teeth or coils interlock when the zip head is pulled between the two halves of the zip. Usually hidden from view behind the fabric, zips are inserted in cushion covers and loose covers […] Read more

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10 Modern Home Design Ideas

Making a round cushion cover If made without a band between the top and bottom of the cushion, round cushions are just two circular fabric pieces sewn together with or without a line of piping between the two. Cord or a small shallow fringe can be hand sewn around the finished cushion. For variety, cut […] Read more


10 Kitchen Tile Designs Ideas

Cushion styles Basic square, rectangular or round cushion covers have two sides of fabric, stitched together. The opening for the cushion pad can be fastened by simple slip stitches or by way of a zip, buttons or ties ( 304— 305, 310—313). The two sides need not be of the same fabric — each side […] Read more

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10 Southwestern Decorating Ideas Home

Basic cushions Cushions can be roughly divided into two types those that fit a given space and those that lead a more nomadic existence — the ubiquitous scatter cushion. The former category, usually ‘box’ cushions, are made to a specific size, dictated by the space between the arms and back of a sofa or chair, […] Read more