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10 Home Gym Decor Ideas

Designing your seating How seating is arranged in a room or living space is pivotal to the success of the room, from both practical and style viewpoints. In small or awkward spaces such as those under stairs, housing a free-standing piece of seating furniture would be difficult, but a built-in wooden box structure covered with […] Read more


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The uses of fabric Fabric can be used to link or group seating elements together with covers, throws or cushions. By choosing one colour, such as oatmeal, and covering all seating in that colour, whether upholstered armchairs, sofas or dining-chair seats, an interior is created that is instantly calming and uncluttered. However, it would be […] Read more


10 Bedroom Design Ideas Uk

A These fabrics have been painted and resist-dyed in colours of jewel-like intensity. Their inspiration ranges from batik fabrics and Indian saris to the boldly striped walls and furnishings of Regency salons. Simple trimmings can enhance soft-furnishing fabrics still further; here, a gold-braid edging gives the shimmering sapphire-coloured cushion an ornate finish. Turn lies against […] Read more

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10 Bathroom Design Ideas 2017

Printing To achieve a more controlled pattern on fabric, it is better to print, using a linocut or stamp. Simple borders can be run around the edge of a fabric using this quick and easy method and it can be cleverly utilized for small items like cushion covers. Obviously, the more professional you want your […] Read more

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Bathroom design tips

The rooms have also taken on signature looks courtesy ofJacqui’s knitted creations. At any one time their cat, Chutney, can be spotted lying in a patch of sun on a soft wool mat, or the ancient Jack Russell, Hugo, easing his arthritic joints on a generous throw. Jacqui started producing unique knitted goods in 2010 […] Read more


The Eyezone Massager

CLEAR VISION Forget cucumber slices. The Eyezone Massager by Opal London has perforated glasses that use infrared light for pressure point massage to de-stress tired eyes. It also uses pinhole therapy that employs focused illumination to relax the retina, allowing you to see clearly without effort and a magnetic technique that helps increase blood circulation […] Read more