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Walked into a room and got chilled to the bone? The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat can rectify that. While its FarSight software automatically changes the temperature based on movement in the room, its Furnace Heads-Up uses an advanced diagnostic method to notify users about possible problems with the heating system. It also comes equipped […] Read more

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  The Smart Herb Garden has three refillable cartridges, so that you can cultivate a variety of herbs. Just plug in the device and its sensors takes care of the nutrients and water needed for the saplings to thrive based on its vitals. Using “innovative NASA inspired technology” it ensures that the plant grows faster. […] Read more

The Spa at The Midland introduces a new concept in relaxation along ...

The Spa at The Midland

Perfect Timing A ten minute beauty session that’s as good as an hour long one… convenient, right? The Spa at The Midland, UK has a grooming solution that uses a 3D Skintech machine for facials to treat skin problems using LED light. Highlights include services like microdermabrasion for removing dead cells, skin tightening, acne and […] Read more

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Beauty Secrets

Fancy a pocket sized spa? Baby Quasar, a US based skincare company, has launched a wrinkle reducing tool that penetrates every layer of the skin evenly, helping the body produce collagen and elastin – the connective tissues that lend firmness to the face. It emits four wavelengths of LED light: Red, amber, super red and […] Read more

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Envisioned by Dante Donegani and Giovannni Lauda, LaDiva is an LED lamp with an integrated music system that can play tracks from smartphones, tablets and laptops via Bluetooth, AUX and USB cable. It even has inbuilt FM Radio and houses four speakers in the anodised, screen printed body. Press a button and an arm will […] Read more

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KENT HEPA Air Purifier

Removes Particulate Matter from Air Research shows that indoor air pollution can have adverse effects on your family’s health, specially children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with breathing problems. It’s time to reduce harmful PM 2.5 concentration from the air indoors and protect your loved ones. Free demo with KENT Pollution Monitor to measure […] Read more

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Nerone bio-fireplace by Alessandro Canepa does not require a chimney or fuel supply system. The black epoxy resin coated carbon steel fixture utilises bioethanol that burns without creating any smoke or residue. The wall hung structure also doubles up as an art piece for the home. Website: www.caleido.co.uk