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BioLite’s CampStove

BACKPACK BUDDY The brainwave of Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar, BioLite’s CampStove can make camping easy. This device uses biomass to generate smokeless fire so it can cook meals, boil water in minutes and generate two watts of electricity, enough to charge a smartphone. It also recycles leftover heat to create longer lasting fire. Website: […] Read more

4x4x4 Multi-Color LED Cube

US Hypnocube

UNDER A SPELL Designed by engineers Chris Lomont and Gene Foulk from Detroit in the US Hypnocube uses 64 multicoloured LED lights that morph and change while you look at it, helping you relax. It can create 4,096 calming hues at 6,500 frames per second. Website: www.hypnocube.com

The handcrafted pots hang from long rust-hued leather straps, … Read ...

Italian brand Bulbo

Growth Spark New rules for plants: Water, care and neon lights! Italian brand Bulbo is redefining indoor gardening through its LED lights that help grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and succulents. The electromagnetic glow produced by these illuminators creates the appropriate conditions for photosynthesis, so no sunlight is required. Website: www.bulbolight.com Vnext Vplank is an eco-friendly, […] Read more

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Maison et Objet Paris

Your audience’s attention, but also demands their contribution? With technology’s involvement though, it’s even more challenging…when you weave it together with creativity, one shouldn’t dissolve or overwhelm the other’s value. TeamLab, somehow, makes it look easy with their surreal installations – which, if you dig deeper, are social experiments too. The collaborative of artists, programmers, […] Read more

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A Japanese massage

TAKE A SEAT Say hello to your personal masseuse. A Japanese massage chair company Inada has launched DreamWaveâ„¢ which combines Shiatsu master movements with local engineering and provides extension, flexion and rotational stretching for shoulders, mid-back and hips. It also employs state of the art technology to examine the body of the user, detects pressure […] Read more

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The furniture of dining room

YET DISCRETE… The furniture of the entire chalet was exclusively made by artisans – a feature the owners were the most keen about. In the dining room, the centre table designed by craftsmen made in solid oak wood, along with the curtains sewn in wool-cashmere-silk, gives a sense that the interiors have been carefully deliberated […] Read more

Ground Zero | Public Intelligence


Lowline Lab, an open laboratory and technical exhibit, has converted an abandoned underground terminal in New York into a park, powered by solar technology. For the project, James Ramsey of Raad Studio created a “remote skylight” made of fibre optics and reflectors that evenly distribute sunlight and aid greenery. Website: www.thelowline.org

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In a sea of technology overwhelmed spaces, this futuristic structure designed by Hemant Purohit and Smita Khanna, stands dignified with its minimalist yet just clever combinations of form and technique. This eco-sensitive villa is a perfect example of the latter. Swooshing roofs, intervals of varying openings and undulating levels define the dramatic, all white 5,000 […] Read more

Alpine Chalet, Lake Tahoe | Vacation Annex

Alpine Chalet

SMART SIMPLICITY Nestled in the Italian countryside, envisioned by local architect Alessandro Agrati of Culti, Alpine Chalet is a retreat based on the concept of natural living complemented with invisible yet perceptive technology regeneration. The classic but contemporary Alpine Chalet, built on three levels in the old town centre of Courmayeur (a commune in northern […] Read more