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Amit Mehra

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PHOTO ESSAY DEAR DOTAL DiARY New Delhi based photographer Amit Mehra shares a few pages from his photo journal Roznaama, which documents his everyday life through images unadulterated by colour, all taken from his iPhone a pocket sized medium of expression, the iPhone. âœThree years ago, two wonderful things happened to me: The birth of […] Read more

Rocking Swing by Clara Rivière and Tobias Nickerl

Tobias Nickerl

GET SWAYED Relive your childhood memories with this two-in-one, indoor and outdoor use furniture piece. The Rocking Swing created by German designer Tobias Nickerl and French artist Clara Riviere proposes a new breed of intergenerational fun. A hanging leather seat enables swinging while the blades on the side of the frame ensure gentle rocking. The […] Read more

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Marcel Wanders’ Tulips Grey mosaics reinterpret the Dutch flower for contemporary times. The blossoms were done with hand cut glass enamels on a digitally created grey and ivory background. It also comes in a brown variant. Website: www.bisazza.com

Nest Labs   Inside the company that's reinventing your life


Walked into a room and got chilled to the bone? The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat can rectify that. While its FarSight software automatically changes the temperature based on movement in the room, its Furnace Heads-Up uses an advanced diagnostic method to notify users about possible problems with the heating system. It also comes equipped […] Read more

Smart Herb Garden de Click and Grow


  The Smart Herb Garden has three refillable cartridges, so that you can cultivate a variety of herbs. Just plug in the device and its sensors takes care of the nutrients and water needed for the saplings to thrive based on its vitals. Using “innovative NASA inspired technology” it ensures that the plant grows faster. […] Read more