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How To Rid Your Belly Fat

Humans have a secret weapon in their behavioural armoury that can work powerfully to help us – or it can work just as powerfully against us. It’s our imagination. Or rather it’s our ability to visualise. Most of the time, our thoughts drift around in a random pattern of uncoordinated ideas, prompted by whatever happens […] Read more

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How To Banish Belly Fat Fast

Decide powerfully and with absolute certainty Your first step on the way to total weight control is to decide with absolute certainty that you really can follow these steps and transform yourself. The mission is to reduce the compulsive reactions of the limbic system, particularly the amygdala, and allow better support and guidance to flow […] Read more

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Get Rid Belly Fat While Pregnant

Set Goals By engaging the strategies described above and eliminating the poisons from your daily fare, your body will finally be permitted to reflect its evolutionary potential and move into a fitter, leaner and healthier profile. The process of exercising control over your impulses delivers significant advantages in other areas of your life. You lose […] Read more