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How To Eliminate Upper Belly Fat

Break the chain of repetitive behaviour. Recognise the real reason YOU decided to overeat and then take steps to avoid connecting the apparent reason to comfort eating. You probably learned to eat something tasty as a coping method in times of stress and this simple habit easily degenerates into overeating. Check your list of situations […] Read more

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Get Rid Belly Fat Without Exercise

Recognise finally that by eating the wrong food, you will only feel worse afterwards Although many years may have passed since you were an infant, you may still have a residual emotional habit of needing food for comfort so that even now, eating actually changes the state of your emotions. At least temporarily. When you […] Read more

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Banish Belly Fat Exercises

Think deeply about whether you are still attached to needing food for comfort As you grew from baby to toddler to teenager to adult, you had to learn to regulate your own moods and handle stressful situations, away from your mother or caregiver. You had to develop the mental and emotional skills to handle life’s […] Read more

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Main Meal Salad Recipe

Main Meal Salad Recipe You will need for 4 servings: 1 head lettuce 2 oz. cooked chicken 2 hard-boiled eggs 4 oz. cheese 4 tomatoes watercress 4 oz. cooked ham French dressing (see 2 oz. tongue page 82) 1 Wash and dry the lettuce, and line the bottom of a fairly shallow salad bowl. 2 […] Read more

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Chicken And Ham Salad Recipe

Chicken And Ham Salad Recipe Luncheon salad 2 You will need for 4 servings: You will need for 4 servings: 6 oz. cooked diced chicken 6 oz. cooked diced ham 6 oz. cooked rice 2 dessert apples 2 oz. walnuts salt and pepper 2-4 tablespoons mayonnaise lettuce 2 tomatoes small piece cucumber 1 Mix the […] Read more

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Can Bad Eating Habits Cause Gastritis

MAKING JUDGMENTAL STATEMENTS NONJUDGMENTAL Look at the phrases or sentences below and rewrite them, taking out the negativity while maintaining the core message. This is much easier to do when you are not in a difficult situation or angry and upset. However, this practice will help familiarize you with what truth without judgment looks like. […] Read more

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Can Bad Eating Habits Make You Sick

MINDFULNESS AGREEMENT Similar to an Eater’s Agreement, we sometimes have our clients write a mindfulness agreement. This can serve as a reminder for what they want to be paying attention to. Read this one from one of our clients, and perhaps at some point you might find it useful to write one for yourself. Mindfulness […] Read more

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Quit Bad Eating Habits

SOUL MOMENTS Soul moments are moments that move you, or touch you deeply and provide an experience of awe or reverence that is hard to describe in words but is felt in a meaningful way. Some examples of soul moments are: Witnessing the birth of an animal or human. Staring into someone’s eyes for more […] Read more

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Bad Eating Habits Of Youngsters

PAYING ATTENTION TO NATURE TO REENCHANT YOUR LIFE Our attention is constantly being pulled in all directions, to our iPhones and iPads, computers, traffic signs, televisions, and radios, Google Maps, and department stores, and we have forgotten to pay attention to the natural world around us, which offers so much richness in terms of inspiration […] Read more

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Bad Eating Habits At Night

BODY AND SOUL Over identification with, and emphasis on, the body is one of the most basic forms of an unchecked ego. Healing negative body image is an important aspect of eating disorder recovery. We do not use traditional body image assignments, such as body tracings or the majority of exercises we have found in […] Read more