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Ry Cooder

BROADCASTFROM THEPLANT All Access AACD0123 ………… A historic live release from the king of the slide guitar Broadcast live by KSAN from The Record Plant, Sausalito, California on July 7,1974, this concert has been heavily bootlegged in the past but All Access has now put things on an ‘official’ footing. By the time of this […] Read more

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Peggy Seeger

EVERYTHING CHANGES Signet Music/Red Grape A couple of enjoyable tracks in an ultimately disappointing offering At 80 years old, and onto her 22″d album, the legendary Peggy Seeger (brother of the late, great Pete) is showing no sign of easing off with her unique style of folk music. A quick read of her biography reveals […] Read more

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Fred’s House

BONNIE & CLYDE Cracking Tunes ………… Cambridge folk-rockers deliver WestCoast-style acoustic rock, with tinges of country, but still maintain theirEnglishness Cambridge five-piece Fred’s House have clearly got thei r act together with this impressive debut.The gatefold sleeve has a distinctly retro, retouched 1970s era LP feel. An abandoned gun is left on a cafe table, […] Read more

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Gene Watson

MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COUNTRY Fourteen Carat Music FCM0002 ……… Country veteran keeping on doing it well As old-school country singers go. Gene Watson is right up there with the best. He’s classic country through and through, the sort they don’t make any more. No Nashville slickness, no rhinestones, no auto-tune, no alt. or […] Read more

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Sadie And The Hotheads

STILL WAITING Sadie SHHCD2 …………… A very different world to Downton Sadie And The Hotheads seemed very much something that would be a fascinating but ultimately short-lived project when the debut album emerged a few years back. Singer Elizabeth McGovern even then was an Oscar-nominated actress, one-time protege of Robert Redford and the record could […] Read more

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Slim Pickens

HANKERING Available from, iTunes, Amazon, and all major online stores. suggests, this CD is by way of a tribute to the legendary Hank Williams. The very same idea has, probably, been thought of by most country musicians whether worth their salt or not. The sensible ones dismiss it as the man is such an […] Read more

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David Nail

I M AFIRE MCA Nashville …………† This album should cement David Nail’s place up there with the greats in country music This is the third offering from David Nail and already no stranger to the country charts, I’M A FIRE should elevate him to even greater success.The opening track Whatever She’s Got, released over a […] Read more

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Cillian King

COULD BE KINGS Self-released ………† A competent debut EP from Limerick’s latest addition to the Irish music scene Cillian King has a background in traditional Irish music playing concertina, piano and banjo from a young age. A self-taught guitarist, he turned to song writing in 2011 and has appeared regularly as support for Limerickfolk rockers, […] Read more

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Gail Davies

SINCE I DON’T HAVEYOU Little Chickadee Productions ………… A major departure for one of the queens of Nashville Highly respected as a prolific songwriter, performer, recording artist and producer, Gail Davies has been an inspiration to countless top names in the world of country music. Although her career has never hit the dizzy heights it […] Read more

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Renegade Maverick -RMRCD001 Debut album from The Rising shows some promise, but doesn’t really break any new ground A stingy star rating can seem a little harsh, especially one that’s directed towards a capable and talented group such as The Rising, and yet in this instance I feel it’s warranted. There’s something about COMING HOME […] Read more