Homemade Herbal Toothpicks_17.jpg

Homemade Herbal Toothpicks

Make your own deliciously flavored toothpicks to cleanse and stimulate your gums. You can create a variety of flavored picks by choosing different essential oils. These toothpicks also make terrific breath fresheners. This recipe comes from Kim, a childhood friend and the proprietor of Penny’s General Store, a wonderful and exotic herbal apothecary in New […] Read more

Easy Couscous The Oven Method_10.jpg

Easy Couscous The Oven Method

Serves 4 to 6 2 cups couscous 1 tablespoon ghee or light oil 1 teaspoon salt 3 cups water 1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. 2. Spread the couscous in a 2-quart glass or ovenproof casserole. Add the ghee or oil and sprinkle with the salt. Pour the water over the couscous. Seal tighdy with […] Read more

Moroccan Delight _14.jpg

Moroccan Delight

An elaborate and beautiful dish to serve at a party, this recipe reduces Pitta and Vata and increases Kapha (although it is nourishing for Kapha). The âœdelight❠is in savoring a variety of stimulating flavors and exotic color combinations. By preparing groups of ingredients separately, the tastes remain distinct from one another even after they […] Read more

Rich Stuffed Peppers_10.jpg

Rich Stuffed Peppers

A delicious main dish that is nourishing for Vata with its sweet, salty, bitter, and slighdy astringent tastes. The warm, rich, heavy stuffing can be baked separately in a buttered casserole and served as a side dish for Pitta and Vata. Serves 6 3 large green peppers, halved and blanched 1/2 cup ghee or unsalted […] Read more

Spicy Vegetable Curry _14.jpg

Spicy Vegetable Curry

Great to serve in springtime, Kapha’s season, Spicy Vegetable Curry decreases Kapha and Vata and increases Pitta somewhat. It makes a good side dish for Pitta when served as part of a meal with other Pitta-reducing selections. The predominant tastes are pungent, sour, sweet, slighdy bitter, and astringent with hot and oily qualities. This combination […] Read more

Simple Rice Pilaf _16.jpg

Simple Rice Pilaf

This easy-to-make dish adds sweet and salty tastes to the meal. It is best served with steamed or sauteed vegetables. As part of a balanced meal, this pilaf is good for everyone. Makes abut 1 cup 3 tablespoons ghee or unsalted butter i stalk celery, chopped 1 cup white rice or brown as a substitute […] Read more

Pasta and Green Sauce _7.jpg

Pasta and Green Sauce

The green herbs make this sauce a flavorful accompaniment to spaghetti or linguini. When served with pasta, this dish decreases Vata, is neutral for Pitta, and increases Kapha. Kapha can eat more of this as a main dish if cooked barley is substituted for the pasta. Parmesan cheese can be used in moderation by both […] Read more

Roasted and Spiced Barley with Vegetables_2.jpg

Roasted and Spiced Barley with Vegetables

Everyone can eat this dish as part of a balanced meal, but it is a first choice for Kapha and good to eat on days when you are eating a lighter diet. The outstanding tastes of this recipe are pungent, sweet, and salty. It should be served as a side dish rather than the main […] Read more