Homemade Herbal Toothpicks_17.jpg

Homemade Herbal Toothpicks

Make your own deliciously flavored toothpicks to cleanse and stimulate your gums. You can create a variety of flavored picks by choosing different essential oils. These toothpicks also make terrific breath fresheners. This recipe comes from Kim, a childhood friend and the proprietor of Penny’s General Store, a wonderful and exotic herbal apothecary in New […] Read more

Layered Vegetable Loaf_7.jpg

Layered Vegetable Loaf

Lightly breaded eggplant slices layered with a variety of Kapha-de-creasing vegetables in a loaf pan makes this entree light in quality with the astringent, bitter, pungent, and slighdy sour tastes good for Kapha diets. It can be eaten as it is by Vata and Pitta types as a side dish. Otherwise use the sliced eggplant […] Read more

Moroccan Delight _14.jpg

Moroccan Delight

An elaborate and beautiful dish to serve at a party, this recipe reduces Pitta and Vata and increases Kapha (although it is nourishing for Kapha). The âœdelight❠is in savoring a variety of stimulating flavors and exotic color combinations. By preparing groups of ingredients separately, the tastes remain distinct from one another even after they […] Read more

Rich Stuffed Peppers_10.jpg

Rich Stuffed Peppers

A delicious main dish that is nourishing for Vata with its sweet, salty, bitter, and slighdy astringent tastes. The warm, rich, heavy stuffing can be baked separately in a buttered casserole and served as a side dish for Pitta and Vata. Serves 6 3 large green peppers, halved and blanched 1/2 cup ghee or unsalted […] Read more

Spicy Vegetable Curry _14.jpg

Spicy Vegetable Curry

Great to serve in springtime, Kapha’s season, Spicy Vegetable Curry decreases Kapha and Vata and increases Pitta somewhat. It makes a good side dish for Pitta when served as part of a meal with other Pitta-reducing selections. The predominant tastes are pungent, sour, sweet, slighdy bitter, and astringent with hot and oily qualities. This combination […] Read more

Simple Rice Pilaf _16.jpg

Simple Rice Pilaf

This easy-to-make dish adds sweet and salty tastes to the meal. It is best served with steamed or sauteed vegetables. As part of a balanced meal, this pilaf is good for everyone. Makes abut 1 cup 3 tablespoons ghee or unsalted butter i stalk celery, chopped 1 cup white rice or brown as a substitute […] Read more

Pasta and Green Sauce _7.jpg

Pasta and Green Sauce

The green herbs make this sauce a flavorful accompaniment to spaghetti or linguini. When served with pasta, this dish decreases Vata, is neutral for Pitta, and increases Kapha. Kapha can eat more of this as a main dish if cooked barley is substituted for the pasta. Parmesan cheese can be used in moderation by both […] Read more