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WALK TALL If you suffer from a rounded back and slumped-over shoulders, invest in a small pair of shoulder pads to slip under your clothes. These will trick the eye into visually squaring off shoulders and will balance out wide hips. SCOOP IT OUT If your decolletage is lined or crepey, avoid wearing a deep […] Read more

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DISGUISE THE SADDLEBAGS If you want to minimize the appearance of bulky hips and a large bottom, choose a skirt that flares out with an uneven hemline. This draws attention to the hem and away from the saddlebags. COVER UP BINGO WINGS Short fitted cardigans and shrugs are perfect cover-ups to wear over any strapless […] Read more

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LADYLIKE STYLE Many swimwear manufacturers are creating stylish collections of resortwear and cruisewear that appeal to the well-heeled woman. In many cases, these offer better support and coverage than those for a younger market, yet are still cutting-edge in the fashion stakes. Look at the catwalk collections for ideas from couture. FLATTERING SWIMSUITS If you […] Read more

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NECKLINES THAT FLATTER Big-bottomed girls should look for slash-neck tops. A wide boatneck T-shirt will visually even out the width of your hips, and make you look more balanced. SEXY SWEATERS Sweater dressing for curvaceous bodies needs to be handled with care. Choose fine knits over thick chunky knits, which will add another layer of […] Read more

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SKIM BUT DON’T CLING Fabrics that hug the body, such as cotton and silk jersey, are perfect for feminine curvy bodies, but they should always skim across the curves rather than cling. LAYERS CAN LOOK LUMPY If your body has given way to gravity a little, be cautious with layering. A combination of different patterns […] Read more

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BIG BUST TACTICS Wrap tops and dresses are great for defining and separating a big bust, provided you are wearing supportive (and the right-sized) underwear. A wrap dress can also emphasize a good waistline. WRAP-AROUND WAIST A big tummy benefits from a skirt that wraps around the tummy and has a tie-up side fastening. This […] Read more

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PARISIAN CHIC Stylish French women know that however beautifully made up your face, a saggy wrinkled neck will always give away your age. Learn how to keep it covered up with _ avsilk scarf tied in a variety of clever styles. THE BEST DISGUISE Always carry sunglasses in your handbag, even in winter. Low-level winter […] Read more

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THE RIGHT SIZE OF HEEL Shoes can help give the appearance of a taller, slimmer silhouette and a better posture. Flat shoes can be clumsy and make you more flat-footed, while high stilettos make you totter. A medium-sized heel will do wonders for the way you hold yourself. STOP SUMMER SWEATING If you dread the […] Read more