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CREATE HEIGHT Trick the eye into thinking you are taller and slimmer than you are by sticking with one colour choice for your bottom half. Brown trousers and brown shoes are visually seamless, whereas black trousers and beige boots crop the leg at the ankle and draw the eye downwards to the cut-off point. DARK […] Read more

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RESIST THE ALLURE OF YELLOW With age comes a slightly more ‘washed-out’ complexion, and any shade of yellow – from pale primrose to bright banana – will not look flattering on white skins. Black skins, however, look great with vibrant colours, even with age. WHITE TOO BRIGHT Super-dazzling white is too harsh a colour to […] Read more

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SHOW OFF AN ATTRACTIVE BACK Instead of choosing to show a crepey cleavage, find a dress with a high slash neck that has a low sweep or V-neck at the back. Skin on the back has usually had far less exposure than that on the front and doesn’t age nearly as much. A-LINES FOR A […] Read more

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PATTERN DISGUISE Learn which type of patterns will flatter your size, and which will emphasize it. A small-framed body will be drowned by huge OTT prints. Likewise, a larger lady should stay clear of tiny delicate prints, which will simply get lost on her frame. CHOOSE CASHMERE The ultimate comfortable and stylish fabric is cashmere, […] Read more

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Daisy Ridley

BY STEPHANIE KAPLAN After a 10-year wait, the seventh installment of the legendary franchise is here! Set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, the film finds the galaxy still at war, with newbies Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) leading the Resistance against the First Order, an offshoot of the evil Empire. Iconic […] Read more

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Iove over, Santa! It’s Suri Cruise’s parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who’ll be giving their adorable 9-year-old the gift she wants most this year a long-awaited family get-together. âœIt’s the first time Suri will have seen Tom in months,❠a friend of Katie reveals. âœIt’s all she can talk about She’s even made a […] Read more