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Magical duel-destination honeymoon in the Indian Ocean

We walked out of the airport and the heat hit us instantly. A group of school children standing by us stared at my blonde hair, I think one boy even took a photo on his phone. I know my husbands’ highlight was the Elephant Orphanage and riding on (and being soaked by) an elephant. My […] Read more

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What name should I travel under?

If you are getting hitched abroad you can’t change the name on your passport until you return home. You must travel in your maiden name and your return airline tickets need to be in the same name as your passport or they will not be valid. Of course you can change your passport to your […] Read more

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KempiKski Hotel

Inspired by the mystique of ancient Moorish fortresses, the Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is the ultimate luxury hotel and an idyllic leisure retreat for honeymooners looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun. The resort is built around a picturesque landscape of pools lagoons and waterfalls that cascade down to an immaculate 400 metre sandy […] Read more

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Who will take care of my hair and makeup?

Every bride wants to look her best and fortunately many hotels have hair and beauty services with makeup artists on hand. Even if they don’t, your wedding planner can arrange for experts to come to the hotel.

Where will our ceremony take place?_2.jpg

Where will our ceremony take place?

The hotel wedding planner will show you the locations to choose from – usually in the gardens of your hotel, or in a decorated wedding pavilion. If you are marrying in Europe you may choose to exchange vows in the local church or town hall, or in Las Vegas, a wedding chapel. The hotel wedding […] Read more

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Venice, Italy George Clooney’s love affair with Italy began long before he set eyes on the beautiful Amal Alamuddin, and as the owner of a luxury villa in Lake Como is not surprising he chose to marry in Venice. In September 2014 he tied the knot with Amal in a delightful ceremony in which his […] Read more

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When do I meet the resort’s wedding planner?

One to three days after your arrival at your resort. Your wedding planner will sort out the fine details of your wedding, from Champagne to the icing on your cake, and check your documentation so that you can relax as the arrangements are done on your behalf. Once the local registrar is happy your paperwork […] Read more

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Sheraton Soma Bay

Described as a unique gem of a resort on the Soma Bay peninsula, the Sheraton is stunning. Luxor’s magnificent Karnak Temple inspired its architecture, whilst the spacious guest rooms are all beautifully designed with chic decor featuring wooden and pastel-coloured furnishings. The hotel also boasts over 800 metres of Red Sea beach front, offering plenty […] Read more

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Choosing your honeymoon

A friend of ours did the exact same honeymoon the year before and it just looked so incredible I thought: âœI want to do that!❠I showed their photos to Sirak and he agreed without even having to think about it. We both love adventure but also love just relaxing in each others company, so […] Read more

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Best Magical destination honeymoon

A cocktail in our hand helped too! As soon as we arrived there was honeymoon Champagne and glasses waiting for us, and Happy Honeymoon’ was written across our bed in flowers. We were also offered a complementary meal at the a la carte restaurant and could choose which day we wanted to take it. The […] Read more