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KempiKski Hotel

Inspired by the mystique of ancient Moorish fortresses, the Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is the ultimate luxury hotel and an idyllic leisure retreat for honeymooners looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun. The resort is built around a picturesque landscape of pools lagoons and waterfalls that cascade down to an immaculate 400 metre sandy […] Read more

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Sheraton Soma Bay

Described as a unique gem of a resort on the Soma Bay peninsula, the Sheraton is stunning. Luxor’s magnificent Karnak Temple inspired its architecture, whilst the spacious guest rooms are all beautifully designed with chic decor featuring wooden and pastel-coloured furnishings. The hotel also boasts over 800 metres of Red Sea beach front, offering plenty […] Read more

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Choosing your honeymoon

A friend of ours did the exact same honeymoon the year before and it just looked so incredible I thought: âœI want to do that!❠I showed their photos to Sirak and he agreed without even having to think about it. We both love adventure but also love just relaxing in each others company, so […] Read more