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British singer-songwriter produces authentic Americana-inspired second album

Catherine Ashby is the latest British singersongwriter bringing a touch of Southern charm back to her homeland. A visitto Nashville at the end of last year provided the inspiration for TENNESSEE TRACKS, the five-song EP.

Accompanying musicians on the guitar, fiddle and Dobro give Ashby’s songs a distinctive country sound which, combined with her home-grown, indie-folk vocals, result in a fine collaboration.

The EP, which is Ashby’s follow-up to her debut album KING OF MY SKY, was produced with the late Lorna Flowers, the well-known Nashville songwriter, who was in fact from Britain. The London-based performer has poignantly dedicated the album to her memory. Top tracks include Memphis, Magnolia Arch and Letting Go with heartfelt lyrics, illustrating herfolk background.

It is clear in her music and lyrics that Ashby has been heavily influenced by Nashville and that unmistakable Americana sound, which she performs with an authentic delivery.

Following the release of the new album she will head off on tour visiting Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK, before returning to Nashville to begin a new project.

No doubt the Southern states will offer more inspiration for a follow-up album. Megan Gnad

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