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All right here we go everyone’s daily here so I decided I really need to do another favorites post I haven’t done one of these in a long long time I’m sorry that I’m basically coming to you from heaven right now because it’s looking pretty white background white chair not going to do this next month it’s just what I had to do today to get a post up so bear with me we’ve got a nice blank background around me but I really wanted to just talk about some of my favorite products and share some recommendations with you guys I want to talk about products more on my channel do some reviews maybe maybe some comparisons so if you have any requests for product related posts leave them in the description box.

So I can start thinking through what some really really good posts and that kind of genre would be some of you might be wondering why my uploads have been a little bit less frequent and a little bit off schedule and I went to blame it completely on this little guy meet Pepin he is my 3 month old puppy he is a bish on Shih Tzu mix and he is the love of my life after my husband obviously he is so sweet so snuggly hi hi I love you too and way too smart or his own good you are so soul for me hey he likes thinking big kisses bye just pooping his nose against my lips I know that’s still gonna be gross so some of you guys but I think it’s so cute but uh that’s how my schedules been a little bit off I have to kind of adjust to having him now and so I’m kind of adjusting to the fact that I have to stop my workday you know a couple times a day to play with him and train him and everything that he’s doing so well thank you for bearing with me while.

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I’m adjusting to life as a firm ami let’s go ahead and talk about my favorite products this month so for my makeup favorite this month I actually just have one brand and I basically love everything they do is actually a problem now and it is colour pop cosmetics if you guys follow any Beauty people on Instagram or YouTube you have heard about them at this point because they are blowing up so I kind of fell in love with their lippie stix they fell in love I mean became completely SS started stalking and then bought almost every single color don’t judge me they are super super pigmented like every single color is incredibly pigmented almost completely opaque in just one swipe they all feel really good on the lips no matter which formula you get and they are only five dollars each so they’re really incredible they also have a really amazing shade range so now only are they a good lipstick that’s offered on a drugstore price but you get to try things that you wouldn’t normally get to try at a drugstore phrase so I am beyond obsessed but my favorite lipsticks that I’ve been wearing have been chichi which is what’s on my lips today.

I love orange lipstick it’s been a thing for the past like four years I’m obsessed with it and this is probably my new favorite like orange e lip and then we have cookie which I think it was part of their holiday but I think it’s fun permanent now just a nice nude color BFF which is a glossy finish and it is a very little peach tone this is AG like a mod color break which is meant to be like a Kylie Jenner lip color goes a little bit darker on me but it’s good for those things where like I want a dark lip but I don’t want a dark lip you know it’s just a nice kind of way to amp up your look without you know going over the top then my last one which is my very favorite and I wear it constantly is Bichette this is like a really dark deep red it looks almost vampy on my lips although I want some of you I might look a little bit more red it’s got a beautiful velvety not finish it wears fairly well and I almost always when I’m just putting on my makeup and I want to wear a lip I keep reaching for this one it is probably my most worn lipstick over the last couple of months all that rushing to say I am literally and loved with color pop and they did not pay me to say any of this a couple of things but only after I bought like four different orders from them.

So I am legitimately obsessed so that is my only makeup favorite for the month is colour pop cosmetics everything on their site for now is five dollars which is amazing you should go check it out obsessed absolutely obsessed so I thought we should talk about some haircare because I haven’t talked about haircare a lot in the past couple of months one thing that I fell in love with like beyond in love with is the red can blonde Idol what is a custom tone conditioner this is basically a purple conditioner for your hair it’s good for those of you that are blogs and want to get rid of any brassy tones in your hair my hair has been getting really lightly money or was getting really muddy and really really brassy to wear as sunlight it looked almost completely yellow and that was very bothersome to me because you don’t actually want that when you’re blonde so I got this and what’s cool about it is that it has a dial so you can decide exactly how much purple is in your conditioner you put this on you let it sit for a couple minutes you wash it out and it works so well actually people have been asking me in real life.

If I got my hair lightening to give because when the brassy tones started coming out my hair started looking lighter and just a prettier blonde so overall it’s a really great you know toning product but it’s also really great because the conditioner works super well it does make my hair feel really stuffy and it’s really nice but overall it’s amazing I use it as like a once a week treatment just to keep my hair toned and healthy and I am beyond in love with it and I have a favorite shampoo this month which I think this is one of my first favorite chef boots in a long time and this will make the price you guys because they completely surprise to me I did not expect to like this one it was sent to me I almost didn’t even try it which is completely rude but I was just like I don’t think I’m gonna like this and then I did em fell in love and it is the Herbal Essences wild naturals dating shampoo it’s so good guys like I absolutely obsessed with it because my only criterion for shampoo like literally only criteria is that I wanted to get my hair clean and I want it to not overly dry my hair and not leave any buildup and not weigh my hair down and it you know if it doesn’t do any of those things I’m happy and this one kind of fits all of that it gets my hair clean my scalp feels really great after I use it if you guys have followed my channel for a while you know.

I have a really like sensitive scalp but this one doesn’t bother it at all which is awesome and my hair is shiny it feels soft and it’s it’s just really good it’s exactly where I want it to be when I finished my shower I want it to be clean oh and it’s be shiny want it to be soft but I don’t want to be overly overly moisturizes then I can’t do anything with it so this is like the perfect amount of moisture a perfect base for anything I’m going to do I really am in love with it sticking kind of on the shampoo training I have been obsessed with these two dry shampoos this month on the style sexy hair h2 no stark shampoo is one of my very favorites it has just the right amount of texture for me for when I want that volume on the second day because my hair is naturally so flat this one really helps to kind of amp up the volume without being sticky or too much texture I think they’re original directions food was way too much texture for me texture texture it’s hard to save a lot of times um it is a little bit too much for me but this one is absolutely perfect it’s like velvety I just really really love it but another one that I love is the suave professionals dry shampoo and I actually posted a picture on Instagram of when I bought this one.

I bought a lot of other drugstore products and a lot of people were commenting about this specific product and everybody to secrete like some people really really loved it and some people really really hated it and I was like I like it so I’ll throw that out there some of you guys really really might like the ship who but I love it like it I just it’s the perfect texture for me it’s got that like powdery 5 mils kind of texture to it where it doesn’t feel like texture on your hair but it does absorb really really well we actually the water was out in our apartment my husband in my apartment recently and we both had places to be so I was like hey Jason come here you know I’ll do your hair so I sprayed it down and then blow dried it and then I used some dry shampoo to absorb some oil and he looked in the mirror and he was like woah that stuff actually works and I was like uh huh uh huh I told you like this stuff is amazing so yeah there you go.

I love these two dry shampoos I’ve been using them constantly I’m not too picky about my dry shampoos but these two have just been the ones that I am just like in love with the past couple of months my very final favorite has been volumizing powder I love volumizing powders I can’t stop using them primarily I use them on my braids to pull them apart and help them look a little bit more tousled a little bit more voluminous and I think that kind of gives the braids just a little bit more of an editorial almost elegant look to them rather than being so picture perfect and that’s just my personal opinion on the matter but I’ve been loving these for that.

So I basically just do my braids sprinkle a little bit of this on and then I pull my braids apart and kind of destroy them as much as I want to until they look the way that I want them to but you couldn’t also use these on your roots to get a little bit of extra volume you just sprinkle a little bit on like a dry shampoo the massage it in and the cool thing about that is that once you use these on your hair you can go sprinklin and massage it if throughout the day you notice your hair is getting a little bit more flat you can just kind of use it up a little bit and it brings the volume back in it’s also good for those of you guys that might have shorter hair and want more kind of like a PC voluminous a messy texture look almost like a windswept texture to your hair you can just put a little bit through maybe the mid shaft two ends of your hair and just kind of topsail it around and will help you get that extra texture in your hair so overall I mean they’re very versatile I love them these are all except for the big sexy heroin made by the same parent company and the parent company is where it’s caught they know what they’re doing as far as volumizing powders go this one the dusted powder by OSIS is basically the hairstylist bread and butter when it comes to volumizing powders every hairstylist uses it and loves it but that was about $30 so I recommend trying one of their drugstore ones they have some in the gossipy line and some and the new stylist old team lined this one is my personal favorite and I think it’s the most similar to the dusted powder it smells amazing and it has this like amazing velvety finish so that it gives you that texture without being sticky um if they don’t really like for my hair to ever be sticky because that kind of freaks me out a little bit with hair this long sticky hair is kind of like the enemy.

So I really like this one the most and it’s one that I recommend the most out of all of these but if you want to splurge a little bit the osis dusted powder is amazing and well loved by hairstylist so that’s it for this month’s favorites post I hope you guys enjoyed this I wanted to say a big thank you to you guys because I recently patched past the six hundred thousand subscriber mark and that just it means the world to me and it was such just a cool moment to look back over everything that we’ve been able to accomplish over the last couple of years all the things that have happened in my life I went from being a girl that just you know loved hair and makeup like I didn’t even really know how to do my hair and makeup for a lot of my life but once I figured out how to do it I fell in love with it and all I wanted to do is show other girls the stuff that.

I was in love with and I went from being that girl to going through cosmetology school with the money that I made from YouTube and then going on to work in the salon and then going on to being able to move to Los Angeles and start working in the hair industry in Los Angeles and still through all of that continuing to share what I love most with you guys and it’s so incredible to me that we are where we are today and that is because you guys were so amazing you’re so supportive and there’s so many times where I couldn’t keep going if I didn’t know that I had you guys behind me so I just wanted to say thank you because you’re amazing and I appreciate you all so much and I think that we have some amazing things coming up really soon I am so excited for all the ideas that I kind of coming up over the next couple months so I hope you guys enjoyed them as you get to see them and experience them as well so that’s it I love you guys a lot just huge killing Melissa hug for everybody and I’ll see you guys in my next post well bye so I may or may not have a slight obsession with their how many lipsticks and a beauty blogger hold it once I have apparently it’s not over many I have how many do I have do I want to count I don’t want to know I don’t want to know it’s an embarrassing number for sure.

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