She’s announced the release of her new fitness DVD following a reported 4st weight loss, which has seen hershrinkfromasize 16 to a slender size 8.

Now pals say Lauren Goodger is feeling more body-confident than ever – and her new figure hasn’t gone unnoticed by boyfriend Jake McLean.

A source says: Lauren feels amazing. She’s worked incredibly hard and is truly body-confident for the first time ever. Jake adores her figure and she says he can’t keep his hands off her. It’s worked wonders for their relationship. Despite feeling happier, pals worry that her return to TOWIE this month for the Christmas special – with show insiders saying the door could be left open fora permanent return to the series – risks sparking upheaval in her life.

A source says: Lauren was always at the centre of some sort of major storyline in TOWIE and mostly it involved a romantic drama. It’s highly

She’s releasing a DVD about her 4st weight loss

Lauren Goodgerv LaurenGoodge- Dec 6 Why not to say NO to your man… – ao.shr.lc/1 TQc6ae via ©Shareaholic loving my girls blog right now V

unlikely Jake will feature on the show but Lauren’s friends are still concerned that if she goes back permanently she’ll be under pressure to create drama and that it could affect her relationship – especially given their rocky history.

Lauren, 29, and Jake, 26, started dating in 2012, but have split up and reunited at least three times since then.

The source adds: They both love each other but there’s always something going on. One minute Lauren will be talking about marriage and babies, and the next they’re breaking up. Meanwhile, last week Lauren Tweeted a blog post entitled

Why not to say NO to your man… The advice included: It’s not all about you, just because you might not feel like it [sex] doesn’t mean it should be a no! Another read: If you love your partner then you’d want to make them happy and sex is a lot to do with what makes men happy.

Insiders say Lauren’s pals are concerned that she promoted this type of article.

The source adds: Lauren feels passionately about empowering women, so her friends were shocked to see a post that could be interpreted as sexist. They know it wasn’t meant like that, but are worried it could backfire.

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