The dentist uses a rubber seal to protect your gums, and then uses a special bright laser to shine on the bleaching gel. The laser speeds up the bleaching process and can make your teeth brighter.


Internal bleaching places the bleaching product inside the tooth. The dentist will drill a hole in the tooth and put the product inside, sealing the hole with a temporary filling, and leaving the bleach inside the tooth. About a week later, the bleach is taken out, and the small hole filled.


Why is it that our ears and noses GROW larger as we get older? I read in one of those newbeauty spaper doctor columns, that that particular doctor insists they do not. It is only an optical illusion. Optical illusion or not, I swear my nose and ears have optical-illusioned themselves by about twenty percent. If the good doctor is wrong, and they have been known to be on occasion, maybe it is like the other flab. But I do not normally associate the ears and nose with flab. Yet, they do seem to grow. If they do, and if gravity were in control, why do not they just drop below the jaw and chin? This is a puzzlement. Is it contrary to the laws of physics (or physiques)? Unfortunately, we second childhood types, only have limited time to come up with answers. Maybe the doctor is right. I will leave it to the Millennials to figure it out.

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