More than anything, I hope this book will help break down some of our culture’s definitions of perfect beauty and classic features. I would love to abolish the notion that a makeover will somehow make you into a better person. I prefer the term makeunder, in the sense that only in paring down makeup do you reach a look that best allows your person^ ality to shine through.
Every woman has some feature that she can highlight and make the most of a strong nose, prominent eyebrows, full lips, deep-set eyes, or a pronounced hair color, like blue-black or bright red. The very same characteristics women don’t like about themselves are often the ones I feel makes them special and beautiful. Jodie Foster is not a classic beauty. Nor is Demi Moore. Neither of them has a typical Hollywood or Madison Avenue look, the small nose, full lips, big, blue eyes, blond hair, and tall stature that epitomizes beauty on billboards and in films. But to my eye, both of these women are modern and far more interesting than a conventional notion of perfection. In the end, the ideal we should all strive for is a very personal definition of our own beauty. How better to achieve a look that is unmatchable, perfectly attainable, and utterly unique than to be your own true self?



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