Celebrity Inspired Edgy Everyday Hair

Hey guys how you doing today I’m gonna be showing you how to create this look worn by Kim Kardashian that a lot of you guys have requested in the past week or.

So, I think there’s been like over 20 requests. So, I figured I’ll recreate it for you guys it’s easy and it’s a little edgy but also can be worn for every day if paired with less of a dramatic makeup look. So, I hope you guys like it and if you want to know how to do it stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

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So the tools we’ll need to recreate this look is a regular paddle brush a teasing comb this is Demming d3 we’re gonna need some elastic bands that match your hair color and then another one another bigger one that matches your hair color some hairspray this is Tresemme extra hold and just a clip to hold the hair we’re gonna start off by brushing all the hair back next we’re gonna section off a piece of hair from about lower less than a temple from Temple to Temple and all the way to the crown area and you want to just section it up and clip it away for now we’re gonna create a half-up half-down style. So to do that I’m going to section off my hair using my finger link from ear to about your crown area I’m just turning around and if you can see it’s just from the ear to the crown area and again from the ear to the crown areas you want to grab a brush and just brush everything tightly into your palms once you have it all neatly gathered in the back you’re gonna grab your elastic band I’m gonna turn around again and you want to just tightly put this into a small ponytail once you have it in a ponytail you want to just smooth everything out and use some hairspray to just team any flyaways next what want to create a secondary ponytail with the remaining hair. So again I’m gonna grab my brush start to brush everything tightly into a ponytail.

So once you have the hair gathered in the back grab your elastic band and just put this the remaining hair into a secondary ponytail. So once the hair is in a ponytail next you want to tease the front portion. So I’m gonna release the hair and just brush it out once and then we’re going to separate into sections and just create a regular tease I’m gonna be using some hairspray for some extra hold.

So you want to grab your section choose it at the roots and then grab your teasing comb and start to tease. So once you have your section teased up you want to just smooth everything out with your fingers and also with the brush and kind of making sure that it’s not it’s not up to much just to have a little bit of volume there you don’t want to create a mullet or anything like that you just want some volume and texture there you want to gather up all the hair in the back there and basically you’re going to just add this hair to the remaining ponytail. So we’re gonna just grab the elastic and just go over once like that.

So once you attach the teeth up portion to the rest of your ponytail the last step is to create a regular braid. So I’m just dividing the hair into three strands and just going to create a regular braid. So once you get to the end of the braid you just want to secure the end with an elastic once we’re done with the braid the look has done.

So I’ll quickly turn around. So you can see the look from all sides, I hope you guys enjoyed it and give it a try and I’ll see in the next post bye.

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