I have always been afraid to use eye shadow. Is there an easy way to wear it so that it will look natural? Try to find eye shadows in colors that are naturally present in your eyelid. Nothing will look more natural than that. Generally speaking, softer and lighter colors are easier to wear. Save darker shades (navy, chocolate) for eyeliner. (See chapter 13.)


The regatta was a farce: John’s boat capsized, which was an almost Herculean task for a whaler; no one could believe it had happened. Whalers four and five were disqualified for cheating; going the wrong way around the outer reach buoy. Polata was in the stern of whaler number one, adjudicating and shouting through his megaphone, when it started to sink. The crew started baling like mad as the boat went deeper in the water. Then there were screams from Polata and he started thrashing about violently. We learned later that someone had pulled out the drain plug and when Polata discovered it he went wild and started to attack the prime suspect: Jimmy was the prime suspect. Our boat cruised across the finishing line with no competition left in the race, apart from the slowly recovering whaler number one, which was by then a quarter of a mile behind, wallowing sluggishly as the crew strove to bail it out. We cheered ourselves as we crossed the line, all big wide grins and whoops and play fighting. Barry was proudly at the tiller, with me, Bell, Phil and Persian Monty on the sheets. The medical course was as gruesome as it had been built up to be.

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