Most of us are overstimulated. Resolve to not watch TV or buy any newspapers for a week. Turn off your mobile for at least a few hours every day and limit home time on email to the weekends.


Clean your body and your mind, and let yourself have a few minutes of uninterrupted time in a relaxing bath. Add skin-softening milk, and let yourself drift off, letting the problems of the day float away with the bubbles.


Their grandkids will not be exposed to the right food, the right clothes, how their room is decorated, the right lullaby, the right nap schedule, the right formula, the right ‘anything.’ And now, not only do the new parents have one set of grandparents advising them, there are two, each with its own notion of what is right for baby. This will inevitably result in tension and wear and tear in the relationship between the grandparents and the monsters attempting to raise their precious grandchildren. Discord with a capital ‘D’. Remember that template? We have a total of six adults, two sets of grandparents, and the actual parents, all with various experiences as children and parents, and with all trying to have some measure of influence over every facet of how baby is upbringing is handled. Along with this, thanks to DNA, influences carried forward from generations past are brought into the equation. All of this adds up to an emotional stew, which, while simmering, may very well cause Mama and Daddy, both sets of grandparents, and the baby as well, to wail inconsolably. Of course, it will be Mama and Daddy who will be awake at 3:00 a.m., changing poopy diapers afer the sweet pea has thrown up down daddy is bare back all the while pacing the floor begging the baby to stop crying, please.

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