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WHO AM I? I am a creature of the ocean as much as I belong to her shores – as sensual as sun-kissed skin emerging from the water. I am orchards in a sea breeze. I am fresh, floral and feminine FAMILY CONNECTIONS I am the first feminine fragrance in the Aqva Collection, Alberto Morillas’s homage to the vital force of the sea. My brothers and I represent different facets of the Mediterranean explored by Bvlgari. Aqva Amara has unmistakable aquatic notes enriched with natural ingredients and essences of the finest quality. Aqva Pour Homme follows in the footsteps of Bvlgari’s deepseated perfumery tradition. The Aqva Collection is a celebration of beauty in the world.

THE BOTTLE Emblem of the most enticing of pearls, my jewel-bottle pays tribute to the beauty of Botticelli’s Venus. My iridescence and curved shape are inspired by the seashell from which I emerge. I am the polished gem in the Bvlgari fragrance crown.

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ON THIS NOTE I’m a floral-aquatic fragrance, fresh and delicately feminine. I am reminiscent of the salty sea breeze, with accords of bergamot and pink ginger. I have a soft heart of magnolia and sunlit quince. Sensual base tones of beeswax and amber add an unexpected touch, enhancing the character of my scent.

THE FACE As the fragrance’s face, model Magdalena Frackowiak shines with the glow and natural sensuality of Aqva Divina. In the campaign, she features as a mermaid transformed into a modern-day Venus. Frackowiak is the golden goddess emerging from the Mediterranean sea in perfect grace and harmony

THE AQVA DIVINA WOMAN She is sensual and youthful, the epitome of the coast. She is born of the wonders of the ocean, with salt in her hair and sand between her toes. She is fresh and radiant, a true Renaissance beauty

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