DOING THE FASHION SHOWS: BOBBI’S BACKSTAGE DIARY I always look forward to the week in March and October when I create the makeup looks for designers presenting their collections at the New York fashion shows. Since my background is in theatrical makeup, I enjoy doing a staged event. It’s also a good time to push myself and try new things. Since I am known for making women look pretty, I invite the opportunity to do strong, overstated, or outrageous makeup as well.

Show week is a good time get to know new models and to see my friends designers, editors, and photographers in the business. There are moments when it feels more like a party than work! In the end, the fashion shows are an important showcase for me.

The downside is that doing the shows is unbelievably grueling. I am on my feet for hours and, since most of the shows take place in tents, it is often hot and wet or cold and wet. One survival technique is always to have Power Bars, Emergen-C a vitamin C concentrate and water close at hand. I bring along a team of assistants, usually between four to eight young makeup artists, so I do have a lot of help. Nonetheless the pressure is huge. We sometimes have less than an hour to create a fresh makeup look on twelve to twenty or more models. Many of the models with whom I have relationships wait for me to do their makeup. So I end up supervising all the faces and doing a good number of them myself. Quite often the models arrive directly from a previous show, so we spend time taking off that makeup look before we concentrate on creating our own.



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