Cellulite Creams/Remedies: We all wish they would work, but they don’t. Unfortunately, there are no such miracles out there, so creams and treatments that claim to treat cellulite are just a waste of money.
If you have a body part that you obsess over, pamper that area exfoliate it regularly and apply rich creams to improve your skin’s texture. Accept it, own it, and move on to things you can do something about. Shaving: Shaving your legs and underarms isn’t a chore if you get in the habit of doing it every day or every other day in the shower. Use some kind of lubricant or risk chafing your skin. Classic men’s shaving creams work well. If you’re ever caught without shaving cream, remember that hair conditioner works well.
Waxing: Some women wax their legs and swear by the results: a perfectly smooth, hairless surface. But since I cannot bear growing my leg hair the ten days to two weeks that is necessary before doing a full leg wax, I will never know. I do recommend waxing other areas, however: The bikini line and upper lip are the two most common waxing zones. You may choose to go to a salon or to do it yourself, as follows:


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