Use a pro-collagen lifting product to prevent premature ageing of the neck. Apply using alternate hands in a brisk upwards action, starting below the collarbone, to help improve skin tone.


I was told I would receive my orders within a fortnight and could expect to join my ship within the month. On the last day, we collected a huge pile of work to be done over the next 18 months: six correspondence courses, eight modules in each course, all heavy gruelling stuff. We looked at it and groaned. That’s what Sundays at sea are for, lads, Daventry told us cheerfully, as he passed out suitcase-sized packs of work. You won’t get back into the college unless it’s all done. No one could think of a smart answer. It seemed a bit unfair. We had studied ourselves into the ground for the past six months and were now going off to work ten hours a day for a minimum of six days a week and we had all this to do as well. There was a lot of muttering when Daventry left. On the last night, I planned to have a quiet time: a couple of beers in the Jamie then fish and chips on the way home, followed by an early night.

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