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Extreme Height: As preteens and teenagers, most tall young women hate looking gawky and standing a head taller than the boys in their class. Later in life, however, a tall stature is an amazing asset. Maintain good posture to show off your height.
Inspirations: Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman, Princess Diana Large Size: If you are overweight, makeup can play an important role in maintaining or building self-confidence.

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As anyone who has gained weight has probably experienced, your first reaction might be to do absolutely nothing for yourself, which, in the end, just makes you look and feel worse.

Instead you should take the time to pull yourself together, wear makeup, and get your hair done. If you start feeling good from the top, soon you will start feeling good all the way down.
It is important to accept that people come in all different sizes thin, medium, and big. Each of us must accept the frame we were born with: Some people are simply big-boned.

Instead of looking at skinny models for fashion and beauty inspiration, try to find someone with your same shape. Some women are born to be big, and should feel beautiful for that.
Inspirations: large-size models.


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