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Allium cepa

The remedy comes from the onion, whose characteristics are perfectly well known and obvious to anyone who has ever had to peel a strong one: Celebrity medium haircuts it directly affects the mucous membranes of the nose, the eyes and throat.

Sneezing, often repeatedly, accompanied by a streaming nose.

The nose and eyes begin to burn and become irritated. Nasal discharge is acrid while the tears are bland. Major remedy for hay fever (when the nose is affected more than the eyes) and also for colds.


Argentum nitricum

Silver nitrate, from which this remedy is derived, is one of the silver compounds that are used during the photographic process. It is good at helping to soothe an agitated nervous system.

Panic, nervousness and anxiety. Feeling worried, hurried and without emotional and practical support. Fears of anticipation which might include stage fright, exams, visiting the dentist, flying, and many others. The nervousness may cause diarrhoea and wind (gas).

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