Celebrity medium layered haircuts


If your roots are showing a little too much or your hair is lifeless and flat – or you simply haven’t had time to look after it properly – Celebrity medium layered haircuts solve the problem by donning a stylish hat. If you hate hats, try a stylish scarf or hair band to keep your locks under control.

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Up until that point I would kept it all to myself and run it over and over in my head until I felt sure. I was a little nervous to talk to Jason about it, worried he might just think it was all a bit of a whim, but after I had explained the loose idea of establishing a membership-based community to encourage and motivate women on their path to wellness, he said, ‘If anyone can pull something like that off, Maki, you can.’ And that was all I needed. Our first photo shoot for M Fit. Me at our first Motivate Me beach photo shoot. On holiday in Rarotonga. Renewing our vows in Rarotonga on our 10-year wedding anniversary. The name Motivate Me came early on. It just made sense what I was doing with the Facebook posts was motivating me to keep going, and in turn I was motivating other women, too. Not wanting to make it exclusive, or sell myself short, I decided my audience would be all New Zealand women! And I didn not want it to be just about fitness.

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