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NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL WRAPPING NATURAL ELEMENTS – THINK LEAVES, HELICOPTERS’ AND PINE CONES – LOOK GORGEOUS TEAMED WITH GOLD PAPER Seeds, leaves and pinecones Gold spray paint Gold paper String or twine Laytheseed sand leaves on a piece of newspaper and spray lightly with the gold spray paint. Once dry, turn them over and spray the other side. Wrap yourgifts in gold paper and wrap string around the gift a few times. Slip the seeds or leaves under the string to keep them in place, or tie them on when you knot the string. BALLERINA PAPER CUT-OUTS THESE LOOK GORGEOUS DOTTED AROUND A MIRROR WITH FAIRY LIGHTS AND A FEW BAUBLES Template Coloured paper Pencil Scissors 1 Download and print the template from essentials.co.za. Fold the paper in half and position both the ballerina and skirt template on the edge, so the middle is on the fold. Draw around the templates lightly in pencil. Cut out the ballerina and semi-circle skirt. Fold the skirt in half one or two more times, then cut out shapes, lines and pretty edges, then open up. Cut a slit in the top so you can get the ballerina through the skirt. 4 Push the ballerina body through the skirt, straighten up and display.

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