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So we thought we’d show you guys how to do a heart-shaped Celtic knot now we’ve done a Celtic knot before you can click right here to check it out. So let’s get started this style would take about three to seven minutes depending on the length of hair. And texture, I went ahead.

And second off the top of her hair into a ponytail, I’m gonna put a little bit of gel. And wet her hair down anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below okay you want to split the ponytail in the middle put this to the side you take this left strand. And you want to make a loop.

So when you make the loop you make a loop that’s big enough for your fingers get through. So make it about this big if not bigger take the right strand hold it with your pinky bring it over your palm. And right in forward her face okay now you’re gonna take this see this space right here you’re gonna take your two fingers.

And bring that strand right through here. So take this strand bring it to the side to get it out of the way now go underneath this split right here go through this loop. And grab that strand that you put aside grab it with your fingers bring you right through the next step is this strand is gonna go right through this loop right here.

So take this strand. And bring it right through this loop before you let your fingers go make sure you tighten down your strands. So now go ahead.

And let your fingers go through. And look it you’ve created a Celtic knot. So now you’re gonna take this left strand over the right strand.

And you’re just going to create a knot. And now you’re going to take this strand here you can have a Topsy tail or you could do it with your fingers you want to take that strand. And put it right through this loop right here.

And then you just created it Peh part go ahead. And turn that up a little bit. And then take the arch of your heart pull it out.

And if you have active little girls you could go ahead. And take the strands that dropped history right here by using a little piece on the back of her hair back here just to give it some support. And then secure it off for the last band, I’m gonna go do that to show you my sick bobby pins right here just to hold it in place.

And then just tweak it till you’re satisfied with it just a little hairspray. And there you have it final stay thank you guys for reading we hope you find value in this tutorial if then society like Audrey create leave comment down below check out more of our tutorials click on over there. And over there.

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