Chamomile Relief Homemade

The soothing, anti-inflammatory action of chamomile is helpful in easing the pain and reducing the size of hemorrhoids.

Chamomile tea bag cup and saucer or small jar with lid

1-2 oz. very hot water

Place tea bag in cup and cover with very hot water, just enough to saturate it. Place a saucer on top of the cup to prevent the evaporation of the herb’s volatile oils. Let tea bag cool to body temperature and apply to anal opening, leaving on for 20 minutes. Makes enough for 1 application.

Variations: You can use yarrow, arnica, sage or white oak bark in place of chamomile. If using loose herbs you may want to grind them (especially the oak bark) and pour very hot water over them, just enough to saturate them, so they begin to release their properties. If using loose herbs, or to reinforce a tea bag, place wet herbs or tea bag in small muslin sack or wrap in thin porous cloth before applying.

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