Blond: Use soft pinks on lips and cheeks, and taupe and bone shadows. Blonds can also look great in salmon or peach.

Brunette: Use light-to-medium colors rose, raisin, brown, and mahogany. Redhead: Use rich brown or brown-red on lips; apricot or muted pink blush, brown mascara, and camel and toast shadows.

Dark Brown/Black: Deep lip colors are beautiful chocolate, blackberry, plums, burgundies, and reds.

Gray-Hair Beauty: Does it make me look tired? Does it drag me down? These are the questions to ask yourself about gray hair. If your answers to these two questions are yes, consult a hair colorist. There are no rules about covering gray hair and, happily, there is absolutely zero stigma surrounding it. I know women in their twenties who choose to keep their gray hair while many women start covering gray in their midtwenties. Covering gray with the right hair shade may give you a tremendous lift you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Remember that hair coloring has come a long way from the narrow options of raven-black and white peroxide. There are gentle, subtle, and natural-looking options for everyone.

Tip: If you need a hair color touch-up but don’t have time to get into the salon, I use a brown mascara or a color stick (Cover Gray is one that I like and is sold at beauty-supply stores) to cover the gray. Both stroke on easily and wash right out.

If you are very gray, consider asking your hairdresser to whiten your hair, which tends to be more flattering to the face. This is one way to look great with gray hair and make it your trademark.

How you wear gray hair is also extremely important: Simple shapes are much more youthful than permed and set styles. It is more modern to have gray hair and just let it fall naturally without a lot of styling fuss, thanks to a great cut. Also, I feel that the older you get, the better you look with shorter hair.

More colorful makeup is essential. Gray or white hair drains color from yourface, so you need the lift of makeup color, ideally soft shades that are not too washed-out. The following are my color recommendations. Lipstick: pink, rose, red, apricot, peach (what doesn’t work: brown) Blush: rose tones, soft brights, or pastels

If you have brown eyes: use a gray or brown shadow palette If you have blue eyes: use shadow trio of gray, slate, and navy Please avoid blue eye shadow it’s very aging.


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