Charlize Theron Hairstyles – Haircuts – Hair Colors 2019

What do you love the most about playing this character?

I had so much fun playing Nandi! First of all, she’s badass. I love playing strong, layered characters. And I get to throw shade at Misty, with some very memorable one-liners! [Laughs.]

What does it mean to you to now be a part of the Marvel franchise, which is so beloved by people from all walks of life?

Charlize Theron Hairstyles – Haircuts – Hair Colors 2019 Photo Gallery

Oh my God! It’s amazing.

I’ve been a super Marvel fan, so to be a part of the family now is unbelievable. I’m very excited about it. Marvel is the best. The way they were

able to take pretty unknown superheroes and turn them into billion-dollar franchises is so dope. And don’t even get me started about Black Panther! That masterpiece brought so much pride! To see us depicted as the kings, queens and superheroes that we are brought tears to my eyes. The quality and consistency of Marvel’s work is unparalleled.

What inspires and motivates you most in life and in your career?

My family motivates me.

They love me so much and are very supportive and encouraging. I always want to make them proud. In my career, I’m motivated by the knowledge that people need the outlet, the encouragement, the healing, the inspiration, the transformation, the joy, the escape that comes from the arts. I’m a storyteller. I tell stories with my singing voice and with my raw, exposed emotion—and the world needs it. The world needs the stories I’ve yet to tell. Also, as an activist, I have a platform to influence and provoke change. All of that keeps me going.

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