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Getting a good amount of sleep cures dark circles. Charlize Theron

Fact: This is an extremely common myth, but dark circles are not only caused by lack of sleep, but can also be caused due to excessive sleep, eye irritations, stress, allergies, and more.

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Solution: With the l-Brite Roll on, brides-to-be can forget about dark circles! This roll on reduces capillary permeability and swelling, preventing blood clots and leakages which causes dark circles.

Bridal regime by Cheryl’s Charlize Theron

Find out your skin type and condition.

Know the concerns that bother you the most like, dullness, acne, oily, sensitive, and more.

Get a manual examination by experts who may use machines such as a Wood’s Lamp and Hydrameter to check the oil and moisture levels of your skin to get customised treatments.

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