Chef Dan Churchill’s New Nyc Restaurant

It’s Not Often Spoken About, But There’s A Catch 22 For Those Partaking In The Boom Of Free-Spirited “Digital Nomads”, Making A Living While Living Out Of A Suitcase. With No Desire For A Fixed Address, These Travellers Will Hit The Road, Laptop In Tow, To Work In Whatever Time Zone They Land In. It Sounds Glamorous, But If You’re Budget-Conscious, The Accommodation Choices Are Often Limited To Airbnb Or (Cringe) Hostels. The Former Can Start To Feel Lonely, And The Latter? Well, Let’s Face It, The Lack Of Soft Towels And Powerful Wi-Fi Is Pretty Much A Deal-Breaker For Anyone Over 20. Still, The Pull Of Living Everywhere And Nowhere At The Same Time Can Be Hard To Shake, Particularly When The Alternative Reality Is A Grey Cubicle And Peak-Hour Congestion.

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Enter The New Trend Of Co-Living 2.0 – A Techy Upgrade From The Commune-Style Living Of The ’70s That Aims To Close The Frustrating Gap Between Comfort, Necessity And Budget, With A Silicon-Valley Veneer.

Eat Of The Brunch

Chef Dan Churchill’s New Nyc Restaurant Is Set To Make Breakfast Great Again.

Global Roaming

The Rise Of Freelance Culture Has Us Yearning For The Road, But Where Do You Go Once You’re Over Working From Starbucks? Which Is Like Airbnb For Designconscious, Like-Minded Professional Transients. Boasting Chic, Global Home-Office Properties With Eames Desk Chairs, Bunk-Less Private Rooms And Bullet-Proof Wi-Fi, Co-Work-Life Start-Ups Like Roam Blur The Lines Between A Share House, Hostel, Creative Atelier And Studio Apartment. “We Offer A Service For Those Who Don’t Want Runch May Be Your Favourite Meal Of The Day, But For Chefs, It’s Usually (Quelle Horreur!) Their Most Loathed. Your Poached Eggs On Sourdough Is Not Considered The Most Exciting Of Dishes And, Food Snobbery Aside, They Usually Want To Spend Their Weekends Like You -With Family, Or Hungover. But Masterchef Alumnus Dan Churchill Is The Exception. When The Sydney Native Opens His Restaurant, Charley St, This Month, He’ll Extend His Love For Brunch To New Yorkers, With An Elevated Take On Favourites – Such As Middle Eastern-Inspired Bowls And Artisanal Toasts With Toppings Far Healthier Than Last Nighf S Antics To Be Tied Down To A Regular Lease, Saving The Hassle Of Having To Find A Place To Work From When Working Remotely,” Says Co-Founder Bruno Haid, Who Has Been Closely Trailing The “Shareconomy” Boom.

Ikea’s Space10, A Collaborative Research Project Looking Into How We Can Adapt To Own Less And Share More, As A Response To Growing Populations, Depleting Resources And The Rise Of Housing Costs.

“Workplace Structures Will Continue To Shift Over Time To Reflect The Growing Need For Flexibility By This Generation And The Generations To Come,” Says Haid. “Workplaces Will Become Less Location-Dependent, And We’ll [Soon] See The Growth Of Remote Workers.” Death To The Grey Cubicle Is Nigh. Roam.Co

“It’s Important To Me That People Know Where Things Come From,” Says Churchill, Who Names Dan Barber From New York Restaurant Blue Hill As A Hero. “To See Him Carry Out His ‘No Waste’ Message Is Phenomenal.” As Such, Churchill Plans For Charley St To Be Partly Sustainable Through Its Own Rooftop Crop. In The Meantime, He’s Working With Local Providers. But It’s Not Just About The Food. “Putting Enjoyment Into The Design Is Just As Important,” Churchill Says. He’s Making Charley St Somewhere With A “Vibing Atmosphere” That You’d Want To Spend Your Weekends. Or At The Very Least, Geotag Your #Sundaybrunch Instagram Post. Charleyst.Com

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