6 oz. bean curd 1 oz. chicken meat, minced

3 cup clear broth

1 tsp. sherry

Salt to taste

1 tsp. flour

5 egg whites

1 tbsp. minced green peas

1 cup cooked vegetable oil

1 tsp. minced ham

To Prepare:

1. Dice the bean curd, blanch in boiling water and drain.

2. Mix the chicken with two spoonfuls of broth. Add sherry, salt, and flour and mix well. Beat the egg whites into the mixture.

3. Pour the rest of the broth into a pan and add salt, green peas and bean curd. Cook for 5 minutes. Then remove the peas and bean curd, and add the chicken batter to the remaining liquid. Add the oil gradually while simmering. After the chicken batter is firm, add bean curd and peas and cook again. Transfer to a dish, sprinkle with minced ham and serve.


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