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Tell us more about your journey with KLAPP so far.

Miss Senka Orec: My journey has been very exciting, I get to travel a lot for long periods of time. Of course, travelling can be exhausting, but it is always worthwhile. Meeting people from other countries, different cultures and religions is a pleasure for me. Before I was in Singapore, I visited Beijing. So 1 have a lot ofdifferent impressions gathered in a short time and I am very grateful for this. The people I have met are warm and hospitable, and they remain in my memory.

You mentioned that the Repagen Exclusive range Is suitable for women in Singapore because aside from the benefits, the cream Is also lightweight; is there a big difference between most facial products In Europe and In Asia?

SO: 1 think the professional treatments are different. Mostly, in Europe, the treatments are very intense; we often work with acids and the concentration of the ingredients is very high. So I think it is not so easy in Asia as Asian skin need more protection and care, because of the higher UV radiation. Therefore, the treatments in Asia, especially i n Singapore, are milder and more suitable for sensitive skin.

During the seminar, you encouraged beauticians to find their own massage techniques. Tell us more about why you think this Is Important.

SO: The details make a difference, so we must neverbe boring! I have been working in this industry’ for 20 years. There are a lot of beauticians next to my own spa and some of them also use Klapp products. So aside from products, it is very’ important to offer something unique. And for me, I stand out with my extraordinary massage technique. It is my signature and 1 am always searching for new methods and new inspirations. After the treatment they (clients) are not only more beautiful, they are also deeply relaxed. I believe only the hands can do this.

You demonstrated the Repagen Exclusive treatment at the seminar. On average, how often would you recommend a client to go for this treatment?

SO: I recommend once a week for normal skin, and three times a week as a cure for clients with damaged, mature and thickerskin. It is also fantastic for oily sldn and large pores because of its selected ingredients like acids in the peeling masks and anti aging ingredients in the concentrate, retinol, hyaluron acids and different vitamins. The treatment can also be done once a month for anti aging.

After all these years, do you think you have covered enough in this field?

SO: I think we have a wide selection in this business for our clients, but it will never stop here. Beauty will always be a popular topic and the beauty industry will continue trying to find the key to beautiful and youthful skin.

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