Should The Child Be İn The Mother’s Room While Eating?

This depends on what the child is accustomed to, what he wants, and how well his mother can control herself. If a child is accustomed to sitting next to his mother while eating, the sudden disappearance of her mother can cause her to be annoyed. If they do not interfere with the child’s food, they are fat because they do not burn their calories. But it seems to me that obesity is the most important cause of fatness.

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Of course, plenty of calorie stuff like cake, cake, biscuits will be much fatier than the child who chooses less calorie things like eater kids, vegetables, fruit. But it reveals the question why the child prefers rich foods. While not knowing all the reasons for this, you are sure that some children are more appetite than others. Such children are very enthusiastic and affect neither illness, fatigue nor sad appetites. Two to three months old are obese and remain throughout all their childhood.

After a child grows up, connecting with a big appetite comes from sometimes not being happy. This is seen in lonely and unhappy children of seven years. This is the age when the child is away from the mother ‘father. If he does not find any friends with him in the meantime, he will feel lonely. Sweet and rich food is like a weapon against loneliness.

Whatever the cause, obesity can become a vicious cycle. As the child gets older, it becomes more difficult to participate in games and sports activities. When immobilized, the body makes more fat. The child, who is sick at the same time that he is fat and unable to attend his friends, will be more fat by seeking food. The fact that your friends make fun of him makes the situation harder.

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