Chin length wavy hairstyles

Step One: Start with a Wash-Condition-Detangle (WCD) Routine

Step Two: Blow dry the hair until completely dry

Step Three: Section hair into 6 parts using a comb and butterfly clips

Step Four: With the first section carve out 1 inch of hair using a comb and brush through a few strokes with your Denman brush (or detangling brush of choice).

Step Five: Examine the ends and trim about 1/8 of hair off. Your trimming amount will depend on the health of the ends. If your ends look split and frayed more than an inch on the ends, then that damaged portion must be trimmed away. If you do not trim it off the damage will continue towards the roots.

Step Six: Continue trimming the ends off of 1-inch sections at a time, from the nape of your head to the front. Be sure to take your time, detangling each section first, examining the ends and trimming where needed.

Step Seven: Brush out your hair and style.

Optional – you can flat iron your hair sections before trimming to get an nice even trim and to spot spilt ends. Keep the flat iron setting on low to medium.

Of course, if you are uncomfortable trimming your own hair, seek out a professional stylist.

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