Chip Taylor


Charming, but definitely not a wild thing

The debut album from the early 70s by the songwriter who by then had hit the big time with Wild Thing, andwhonowisa master of laid back Americana, much of it recorded in Europe. It’s not country, really, and it’s not even singer-songwriter; it’s gentle, lushly-produced set that curiously is rather like a lush 1970s country production of a singer-songwriter. And perhaps that was what Taylor was ai ming for as he produced it with a host of sessioneers, not least chum John Platania, guitarist on Van Morrison’s ASTRAL WEEKS.

That said, there’s a charming lilt to proceedings, whetherthe laid-back You Didn’t Get Here Last Night with its wah-wah guitar and sax, or Swear To God, Your Honor, which gets close to the semi-spoken vocals that Taylor still plays with today. Londonderry Morning, however, with strings and flute, is a strange one.

Of interest is Angel Of The Morning, Taylor’s song that had already been sung by everyone from Skeeter Davis to the Tremeloes; with flute and touches of orchestration it’s powerful in a hippy-folk sort of aiming-for-a-hit-single sort of way. Nick Dalton

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