Choice Of Face-Lift Foundation

Skin Care and Foundation Relations

S Light distributor. Tiny particles minimize defects by scattering light instead of sucking it. Some foundations surround the pigment with moisturizing oils to form a buffer between the pigment and the skin, preventing the makeup from filling the thin lines in the face.

S Sun protection. SPF 8 and above provide some protection, but be careful that the product you buy has UVA and UVB protection, so you can protect your skin from sunburn as early as it is. Regularly renew as other sunscreens.

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Oil-free foundations. Special made creams for mixed skins have oil absorbers with oil-free moisturizers for dry areas. Certain formulas that fight the acne also contain salicylic acid, a peeler that helps control acne. Prefer formulas that contain black spots and acne inhibitors, or both.

Volatile silicones. They help spread and spread the foundation easily and evaporate within a few seconds for a matte look.

Skin care. Antioxidant vitamins (usually C and E), moisturizing agents and anti-fatigue agents may be included to maintain skin elasticity.

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